Blake Lohn-Wiley

Institution/Organization: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Department: Bioinformatics

Academic Status: Researcher

What conference theme areas are you interested in (check all that apply):

Data Analytics and Visualization
Data-Driven Modeling and Prediction
Identification, Design, and Control
Multiphysics and Multiscale Computations
Novel Discretizations and Fast Solvers
Numerical Linear/Multilinear Algebra
Scientific Software and High-Performance Computing
Simulations on Emerging Architectures
Surrogate and Reduced-order Modeling
Verification, Validation, Uncertainty Quantification

Interests: Data Science

Non-Work Related Activities:

Advanced Short Term Research Opportunity 2015 SIAM CSE15 Broader Engagement Scholar, 2015 Emerging Researchers National Travel Award, 2015 Tarleton State University Travel Award, 2013 University Student Launch Initiative, 3rd out of 49 teams, Rookie of the Year, Best Science Mission Directorate Payload Design, 2013 CanSAT Competition, 6th out of 50 teams, 2012 Deans List – Tarleton State University, 2009-2012