Choah Shin

Institution/Organization: Oregon State University

Department: Mathematics

Academic Status: Graduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for science and engineering;
Applications in science, engineering, and industry;
Computation with discrete structures and graphs;
Data assimilation, challenges in data science, math of AI and ML;
Emerging software infrastructure for CSE, sustainability of numerical software;
High-order methods, novel discretization’s, and scalable solvers;
High-performance computing, emerging architectures and programming paradigms;
Model and dimensionality reduction;
Multiscale, Multiphysics, and multilevel methods;
Quantum algorithms, quantum computation, and quantum information science


My research interests are in mathematical and computational models of flow and transport and phase change in Earth science models for energy and environmental applications. In particular, I have been studying methane transport in porous media involving phase transitions at large time scales for basin modeling and in response to climate change. Methane gas is a greenhouse gas, but also a potential energy resource. My results include rigorous numerical stability results of numerical models for equilibrium and non-equilibrium cases. Current work involves modeling of permafrost thawing followed by the destabilization of methane hydrate deposits beneath the permafrost-bearing sediments, which results in methane gas release into the environment. We are also looking at pore-scale models of the mass and energy flow and upscaling to Darcy scale.

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests:

I am interested in helping students who struggle with math in school. In particular, I helped middle school and high school students whose second language is English by teaching math, chemistry, and physics via in-person and online tutoring.