Diego Roa

Diego Roa

Institution/Organization: University of Delaware

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Academic Status: Doctoral Student


I am a PhD candidate from the Electrical and Computer engineering in the University of Delaware. I am also a research Assistant at CAPSL (Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems Laboratory). My work focuses on implementing a runtime based on the Codelet Model that enables the execution of programs in distributed architectures. The Codelet Program Execution model is based on Dataflow theory, while taking advantage of off-the-shelf- hardware features.


This program presents a great opportunity to join leading scientists in different areas and get involved in projects that are key to the development of science and technology. My biggest motivation is the possibility of meeting new people and learning new things that can benefit my professional and personal growth. Furthermore, the program opens a door to better understand the work that is carried out in a national lab, as well as explore exciting job opportunities. Moreover, being part of scientific projects that can have an impact in human race development is a priceless experience.

I appreciate the efforts from Sustainable Horizons Institute (SHI) and the national labs involved that made this program possible. I feel privileged and grateful to have the chance to meet such valuable and kind people that make this program possible.