Dominick Martinez

Dominick Martinez

Institution/Organization: Northern New Mexico College

Department: Mathematics

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student


I am a student at Northern New Mexico College entering my junior year. I have participated in research projects for New Mexico INBRE and the New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP). Some of the projects include studying the movements of T cells and using machine learning for image recognition. Using Python and MATLAB, I’ve helped to create programs that use statistical analysis and computational physics to better understand T cell movement, including speeds, turning angles, and motion classifications. As part of a project for the New Mexico AMP program, I’ve helped create Python programs that utilize machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow to identify shapes in order to eventually identify plants. I have also tutored students in math and science. Currently, I tutor individuals who are attempting to obtain high school equivalency certification.


I really enjoy computer science in general, but I’m especially happy to be apart of this SRP-HPC program due to the focus on gathering individuals from diverse backgrounds in order to form teams. I also feel that many undergraduates such as myself are not really exposed to topics in high performance computing. Therefore, I feel it’s an honor to be apart of this program where I can get this experience.