Eduardo Ponce Mojica

Institution/Organization: University of Tennessee.

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Academic Status: Graduate Student.

What conference theme areas are you interested in:

Computational science and machine learning;
Statistical modeling, methods, and computation;
High performance software: packages and design;
Algorithms at extreme scales;
Scientific simulation and uncertainty;
Emerging trends in CS&E education and training.


Throughout my academic journey I have been grateful to participate in multiple internships and research projects related to the areas of computing architectures, performance evaluation, and high-performance computing. These areas have been a perfect fit for me and ever since I have trained to improve and become proficient in parallel programming, operating systems, and software optimization. Recent projects involve an implementation of a parallel random number generator, implementing an iterative algorithm to solve a set of linear equations using GPUs asynchronous capabilities, and frameworks for managing multiple worker processes in a distributed environment. I also collaborate with Oak Ridge National Laboratory research on natural language processing and machine learning techniques for identifying risk factors on clinical notes. Another aspect I am very interested in are the features, expressiveness, and use of programming languages. My dissertation work mainly focuses on providing a generic library for using vector capabilities of modern processors without code modification. As an extension to this work, I have designed a workflow management system with a compact descriptive language that allows scheduling tasks in local and cluster computing systems. All of these experiences make me suitable to perform high-quality research in high-performance computing to help solve important scientific problems. It is worth mentioning that I have a great deal of interest in academia and playing a role in teaching others the skills I have acquired. For this reason, I have also serve as a teaching assistant in electrical and computer engineering and computer science courses. I have been given the opportunity to give lectures and interact with students from different departments, overall a wonderful experience.

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests:

I consider that participating with university and organization activities plays an important role in the development and networking capabilities of one’s self. I have participated in several research symposiums at UTK and other campuses. Also, I am a member of Systers, a national organization that foments and encourages women in STEM fields. As a Hispanic that has had the opportunity of pursuing a graduate degree, I feel that it is my duty to help others as well. I am an active member of SACNAS organization and have been serving as the president of UTK SACNAS Chapter since 2017. This has allowed me to mentor and interact with students with diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to pursue graduate studies. In my spare time I enjoy hiking with friends in the Smoky Mountains, participating in basketball intramural, and teaching programming skills.