Elias Perez Perez

Institution/Organization: CSU Stanislaus

Department: Math

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in:

Applications in science, engineering, and industry


One research interests that I have revolves around superpermutations. A superpermutations of n is a string that contains every permutation as a substring. A superpermutation n=2 would be 1221 and another would be 121. 121 is the smaller superpermuation of the two.

I was first introduced to superpermuitations ty an image on a anime imageboard. It was about a seires called “Haruhi”, it was originally air out order then later it aired in chronological order. That sparked a debated as to what was the “correct” way to watch it. Someone asked “What is the least number of Haruhi episodes that you would have to watch in order to see the original 14 episodes in every order possible?” and some posted a novel lower bound for the problem. And it turns out it take some 4 billion years to watch the show in every possible order.

It seems so interesting that for n>5 there is no pattern or formula to get the smallest superpermutations only lower and upper bounds.

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests:

I enjoy gardening, I unfortunately do not have a green a thumb. Almost everything I’ve planted has withered expect sugar canes.