Felix Rojas

Felix Rojas

Institution/Organization: San Francisco State University

Department: Mathematics

Academic Status: Masters Student


My name is Felix Rojas, I am an Applied Mathematics Master student at San Francisco State University. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry focused on theoretical chemistry (molecular modelling), and I am looking forward to expanding my understanding on quantum chemistry. As applied mathematics master student my goal is to have a clear comprehension of the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, to be able to use this ideas/concepts in the development/use of mathematical physical models to understand how matter behaves. As a professional quantum chemist, I am determined to be able to teach/apply this knowledge to found new ways to obtain valuable information that will help us understand better how matter behaves. In this sense I have walk different paths that converge in the study of matter at its fundamental level (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science) I truly hope this opportunity at the Sustainable Research Pathways for High-Performance Computing workshop program, will show me and get me closer, to what as a high school student I thought was an Impossible task. Today, I pinch myself to see that I am not dreaming. Thanks, Felix Rojas


1. Increase my understanding of quantum computing and its uses in chemistry 2. Connect with people that share my same interests regarding quantum computing, mathematics, physics and chemistry. 3. Learn from people currently researching in the areas of applied mathematics, quantum chemistry, and quantum computing 4. Bring my experience in the field and see how I can help in the development of new ideas and techniques. In general, after completing this program I hope to have a better understanding on how math-physics-chemistry and computer science can work together to find solutions in the atomic/molecular domain. Hopefully my Academic path will lead me to industry/academics, and If everything works out I will be able to share/team up/teach about my experiences in the realm of quantum physics/applied mathematics.