Gideon Idumah

Gideon Idumah

Institution/Organization: Case Western

Department: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Academic Status: Doctoral Student


My name is Gideon Idumah. I am a 4th year PhD student in Applied Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA. My research interests are in mathematical modeling of biological systems, computational inverse problems and Machine Learning. I currently work with Prof Daniela Calvetti, and my research is on the Spatial temporal modeling of pathological diseases in the brain, specifically ischemia and cortical spreading depression (CSD). I am proficient in the use of Python, Matlab, Latex and a little bit of C. I have experience working with High Performance Computers during my internship at Argonne National Laboratory and also when I took the HPC class in my school. I also have working knowledge of Machine Learning and some of its algorithms. My career goal is to work in a research environment that will enable me apply my mathematical and analytical skills to help solve some of the challenges that confront us as humans most especially bio-medically.


My motivation for applying for this program is to be mentored by and learn from highly reputable scientists working on exceptional research. I will love to be exposed to high level research, and gain necessary skills that will equip me to contribute to the body of work that will help answer many lingering research questions.