Heather Mayes


I know Mary Ann from the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. For most of us, she personifies the program in its aim to train us to be the most successful scientist possible. Professional and personal development of scientists is extremely important to Mary Ann, as evidenced by how quickly and whole-heartedly she responds to any request or celebrates any success.  Whenever I speak with her, I feel that I have her full attention and commitment to the most productive follow-up actions. For example, when I asked her for suggestions of where to perform a practicum she did more than respond with some suggestions: she personally introduced me to people and provided introductions that allowed for productive discussions which positively expanded my professional network.

She is just a quick to celebrate successes. When a fellow student presented herself extremely well in a TEDx video, she shared the link with all of us in CSGF, and also let us know when she was selected by Forbes as one of the “30 under 30” bright stars making an impact on her generation. Recognizing successes like these provides valuable positive reinforcement for the work we do. Sharing news with peers also enhances the feeling of community, which is especially important to help overcome geographical separation.

Mary Ann is one of the most encouraging, reliable mentors I know.