Henry Boateng

Henry Boateng

Institution/Organization: San Francisco State University

Department: Mathematics

Academic Status: Faculty


Henry Boateng holds a PhD in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Masters in Physics from the University of Michigan. He was as a computational scientist at STFC Daresbury Lab, UK and an assistant professor of Mathematics at Bates College in Maine. He joined the Mathematics Department at San Francisco State University in the Fall of 2019. His current research focuses on fast hierachical clustering methods for N-body interactions, particle-in-cell methods for vortex flow and kinetic Monte Carlo methods for hetero-epitaxial growth. He has ongoing interest in developing pedagogy for undergraduate computational science education.


I will like to continue my ongoing collaboration with the Applied and Numerical Algorithms Group on numerical analysis of the particle-in-cell (PIC) methods. I am hopeful that the study will guide the development of more robust PIC methods for simulations in earth and space sciences. I am interested in increasing my knowledge and expertise in designing algorithms to take advantage of current hardware architecture and to effectively use high performance computing such as NERSC’s Perlmutter. I am also interested in establishing collaborations with the Computational Chemistry, Materials and Climate Group. The group’s work is a natural home for my work on computational chemistry. I am also interested in broadening my research focus to include quantum computing which I believe the group excels in. My graduate student (Felix Rojas) also has an interest in quantum computing, hence collaboration with the Quantum Algorithms Team will be very beneficial.