Heriberto Acosta-Maestre

Institution/Organization: Nova Southeastern University

Department: College of Engineering and Computing

Academic Status: Graduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in (check all that apply): Data Analytics and Visualization
Data-Driven Modeling and Prediction


My main research interests lie in the area of analytics, data science, and visualizations. My PhD thesis focuses in the area of information system usability and privacy/security beliefs but it allows me to use my background in data science and visualization too. I’ve had experience in the use of data science for health analytics. First during Masters Degree, during which I created a data mining program to find correlations in risk factors of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition to my PhD research, I am also working with a local research group in the creation of data streaming engine for a health informatics visualization program.

Non-Work Related Activities:

In addition to my PhD, I currently work as a contractor for the Army National Guard (Puerto Rico) as an IT Site Administrator for their Distributed Learning Program. Outside of work, I volunteer as part of the organizing team of the Broader Engagement in Data Mining Workshop. I manage their social media accounts and with other colleagues from the team, we also do interviews of data scientists from academia and the private sector which are then uploaded to our Youtube channel. I use the little remaining free time left by my job and Phd studies to go on hikes, practice photography, and travel. Or simply go to the gym and try to remain healthy.