Isabelle Kemajou-Brown

Isabelle Kemajou-Brown

Institution/Organization: Morgan State University

Department: Mathematics

Academic Status: Faculty


Dr. Kemajou-Brown is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Science at Morgan State University. Prior to Morgan Dr. Kemajou-Brown taught actuarial science and financial Mathematics courses in the Minnesota Center of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (MCFAM) at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis Twin-cities campus for three years (2012-2015). Dr. Brown’s research interests lie in the areas of stochastic analysis, mathematical modeling, ranging from theory to applications using real data. Dr. Brown completed her Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her masters studies at both the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in South Africa and the University of Yaounde 1. Her undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Yaounde 1. Her main interest includes developing and/or analyzing models in economics or finance, simulating using real data. Recent topics of interest involve statistical and machine learning. She has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines such as engineering, computer science, particularly computer architecture on problems at the software interface.


I am always looking for opportunities to grow in my career and, I hope to meet senior researchers and engage in collaborative, cutting-edge scientists through the Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project.