Itzhel Dimas

Institution/Organization: California Polytechnic University Pomona

Department: Computational sciences and Engineering

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in (check all that apply):
Data Analytics and Visualization
Data-Driven Modeling and Prediction
Numerical Linear/Multilinear Algebra
Scientific Software and High-Performance Computing
Simulations on Emerging Architectures


I am currently a fifth year Industrial Engineering student at California Polytechnic University and I plan on furthering my education and receiving a PhD. My academic interests are Systems Engineering and Statistics. I want to solve real world problems using operations research,systems thinking, and statistics techniques to analyze data and find the best solution to a very complex problem.

Non-Work Related Activities:

On my spare time I really enjoy giving back to my community by being a guest speaker at the schools or mentoring students in the transition to college. I want first generation students to know that there are others like themselves to not get discouraged and to further their education into receiving masters and or PhD’s. I do volunteer community service activities such as toy drives, tutoring, and champion activities. Being a champion is being part of an Equal Opportunity program at Cal Poly Pomona where I volunteer to help the program with their first generation freshman and their first generation transfer students.