Kenzaburo Nagahama

Kenzaburo Nagahama

Institution/Organization: San Francisco State University

Department: Physics

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student


My name is Kenzaburo Nagahama. I go by Ken. I’m an undergraduate physics student at SFSU entering my senor year. I’m a transfer student from Los Medanos College where I completed associates degrees in math and the sciences. Prior to starting college in 2018 I served in the USAF for five years. There I worked as a mechanic on tanker aircraft and deployed multiple times to the middle east. Originally I am from Waipahu, HI from a large family with eight siblings. In my free time I enjoy traveling, running, being in nature, and playing games/watching movies.


My motivation for participating in the SRP-HPC program is to explore what a career in research would be like on a day to day basis at somewhere like Berkeley Labs. The academic world to me is somewhat like a bubble with its own rules and way of life. It can be hard to picture how everything I’ve learned in school is really used in the outside world. This program gives me the chance to see the other side, while at the same time exposing me to cutting edge research and a huge wealth of knowledge that I wouldn’t have known about from just my classes. In addition, it allows me to meet passionate professionals who can help to guide and inspire me. Finally, I hope this experience will help me to focus in on a career path for once I’m done with college.