Kristen Dawson

Kristen Dawson

Institution/Organization: San Francisco State University

Department: Applied Mathematics

Academic Status: Undergraduate student


I’m a first-generation undergraduate student in Applied Mathematics at San Francisco State University. During the pandemic, I became reacquainted with my love of mathematics and have since fully committed to my education and expect to graduate Fall 2023. Outside of math, I’m involved with an organization that advocates for individuals experiencing abuse in California women’s prisons. In my free time I enjoy road trips, walks with my dog, and literally stopping to smell the flowers.


My motivation in my Summer internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is to dip my toes into computational research, specifically the development of numerical linear algebra algorithms. More broadly, it is a chance to fully explore a problem under the guidance of experts in the field — to join the scientific lineage of computational research, and to absorb whatever I can from like-minds.