Kuang Hsu Wang

Kuang Hsu Wang

Institution/Organization: University of North Dakota

Department: Computer Science

Academic Status: Masters Student


I’m from Taiwan. I’m a master student of Computer Science at University of North Dakota. My passion for programming did not begin until I first went abroad to the United States. I attended a Microsoft hosted Android development course, which was a three hour experience. Where I completed my first programming project. This sense of accomplishment pushed me further towards this profession. The logic behind the programming and how much effort people put into this field to facilitate the learning process stuns me as a coding novice. Four years ago, I started the program at UND to improve my background. In the one of the course I met Dr. Anjali and work with her ice sheet project and then now join the SRP-HPC program with her at ANL.


Learn about new techniques in HPC. Experience working as a team and working in a laboratory. Making new friends and expanding my workplace relationships.