Meshes and Particles and GPUs Oh My!, Ann Almgren, Berkeley Lab


Computational science seems to get more and more complicated every year — we talk about multiphysics, multiscale, multirate, multicore and more. We talk about hybrid methods and hybrid parallelism. Should we use particles or meshes or both? Should the grid be structured or unstructured? Should I use embedded or immersed boundary methods? What is performance portability anyway? So many questions and very few easy answers. In this GAG we will attend and discuss a variety of talks to try to understand better the landscape of modern computational science. (And just as with lions and tigers and bears … no need to fear the landscape we will explore.)

What are the relevant conference themes? 

  • Multiscale, multiphysics, and multilevel methods

Short Biography:

Ann Almgren is a senior scientist in the Computational Research Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Group Lead of the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering. Her primary research interest is in computational algorithms for solving PDE’s in a variety of application areas. Her current projects include the development and implementation of new multiphysics algorithms in high-resolution adaptive mesh codes that are designed for the latest multicore architectures. She is a SIAM Fellow and the Deputy Director of the ECP AMR Co-Design Center, and serves on the editorial boards of CAMCoS and SIREV


Ann likes to work with students.