Oluwasekemi Tessa Odumosu

Institution/Organization: Ithaca College

Department: Student

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in (check all that apply):

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for science and engineering;
Applications in science, engineering, and industry;
Data assimilation, challenges in data science, math of AI and ML;
Emerging software infrastructure for CSE, sustainability of numerical software;
Inverse problems, optimization, and uncertainty quantification


Recently, my interest in computational physics has grown as I progress in my computer science track. My original intention was to study data and database systems, as I am interested in analysis and predictive modeling.

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests: 

As a BOLD Scholar, I am part of a cohort that aims to leverage their own identities, strengths, and collective knowledge to positively impact social change and foster inclusive campus environments through a structured curriculum, community building retreats, and the implementation of a campus transformation project. We aspire to strengthen community ties and uplift agents for change in Ithaca. We hope to utilize our platform to inspire transformative justice, celebrate authenticity and bring innovative ideas to fruition. I worked with my cohort to create this mission statement, and it is one that I feel closely aligns with my own values. Through funding from the national Society of Physics Students, my engineering club board members and I plan to create a week-long workshop for middle school students to peak their interest in engineering (as well as other STEM fields) by guiding students through the process of building a remote controlled car. Alongside a professor and two classmates, I demonstrated quantum levitation and engaged with over 4,000 children and their families at the World Science Festival’s City of Science outreach event.