Paulin Dongomale

Paulin Dongomale

Institution/Organization: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Department: Petroleum Engineering

Academic Status: Masters student


To understand my statement of purpose, I must first tell you a bit of my life’s story. I was born and raised in the Central African Republic. In my childhood, I started to face many challenges and encountered some very difficult moments.  It is because I lost both of my parents at a very young age. I was placed in a scientific high school without any financial support, no money, and no parents.  At 13, I did not have anyone to buy me books and feed me. I had only the clothes on my body; I remember I had one pair of pants and two shirts for the entire academic year. I lived in a house that did not have electricity, so I needed to go in the street to use public electricity to study. Sometimes, I did not have food for three days. Without support and no scholarship, that was a very difficult situation. However, I knew that to have a better future; I needed to work hard. So I never gave up on my dream. I studied hard despite not having food, clothes, or electricity.  I fled my country because of my political beliefs and moved to Gabon. After a few years in Gabon, I did not feel safe because of the proximity of the government of my country and Gabon’s government, so by the grace of God, some friends helped me leave and enter the United States to save my life and protect myself.

Since arriving in the United States, I have encountered some very difficult moments and faced some challenges.  I worked two dishwashing jobs in New York City to earn money to live. Both were full-time jobs, so I got two hours of sleep per night.  I had to work to pay taxes until my asylum hearing. At the same time, I was taking free English classes on my few days off. I was also trying to find a way to get into school by taking free SAT classes, taking the IELTS exam, and trying to take the GED exam. I have done everything in my power to earn money to live so that I will succeed. I know nothing will be handed to me for free. It took me three long years to be granted asylum.  Finally, I took these valuable experiences and difficult moments as opportunities to pursue my dream and stay focused on my goal. I was not discouraged.

These solid personal experiences and hardships gave me the motivation to work hard so that I could accomplish my dream.  My dream is to become a Petroleum Engineer and solve the various technological, explorations, production, political, and economic problems encountered in places like Bangui, the capital of the country I fled.

I believe that the tradition of excellence and the strong and innovative experience that I will receive at the US Federal Department of Energy (DEO-Brookhaven National Laboratory) with its outstanding and excellent characteristics, coupled with my drive to learn and my vision of a better future will undoubtedly help me to achieve my goals to become a future leader in Energy field.


I believe that being of the SRP-HPC program will be the first step on my long road to success. What I do today will affect my future.  I have learned that nothing in life will be handed to me for free. I must work hard to get everything I need or want. I have chosen to be part of this program because I want to become a great leader in the energy field.  I want to be able to change the world. I want my dreams to come true and positively impact the everyday life of countries like the CAR, solving a variety of Oil & Gas issues related to the economy, politics, technology, exploration, and production. Yet, I want to become part of the SRP-HPC program to grow self-awareness and self-discipline. Deepen your knowledge of a specific industry, employer, organizational culture, and job function.  Test ideas and construct a personalized development plan with the help of a real-world professional.  Learn to receive and accept both praise and constructive feedback. Sharpen my active listening skills. Improve my job search and networking skills.  Enhance my overall professional effectiveness. Expand my existing network. Also, to gain a heightened sense of belonging and purpose.