Pooja Rao

Institution/Organization: UIUC.

Department: Aerospace.

Professional Title: Researcher and Lecturer.

What conference theme areas are you interested in:

Multiscale, multiphysics, and multilevel methods;
High performance software: packages and design;
Algorithms at extreme scales;
Scientific simulation and uncertainty;
Emerging trends in CS&E education and training.


My research is focused on modeling of multiphase flows (gas/gas and gas/particles) using high fidelity numerical algorithms. I am interested in studying mixing properties in interfacial fluid instabilities, such as Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov, at high Reynolds numbers. The majority of my work is done using non-commercial finite vol- ume codes like the U. Chicago code FLASH and the Stony Brook University code FronTier, and supplementing them with specialized models, such as interface tracking and dynamic subgrid scale models, to simulate such flows more accurately. My current research focus is to study particle dynamics in plasma flows impacted by shocks using the Eulerian-Lagrangian framework.

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests:

I love doing yoga, Indian classical dance Kathak, hiking and reading. I also enjoy STEM related volunteering activities and reading about other areas of science and technology.