Serges Love Teutu Talla

Serges Love Teutu Talla

Institution/Organization: Morgan State University

Department: Mathematics

Academic Status: Doctoral Student


Serges Teutu is a Ph.D. Student and a Research Assistant in the Department of Mathematics at Morgan State University. He earned his master’s degree in Mathematics from the same institution in 2019, where he has also served as Teacher Assistant in the same Department from 2019 to 2021. His research interests include statistics, Probability, Mathematical modeling, optimization problems, data analysis/sciences, and machine learning.


With my interest in becoming a data scientist, there is no doubt that dealing with big data will require powerful computing systems. Therefore, high-performance computational systems skills are the core of my future career. And for that, there is no better place to learn than being an intern in a National Laboratory surrounded by experts in the field, but also by peers who follow the same path.