Srikanth Gampa

Srikanth Gampa

Institution/Organization: Southwestern College

Department: Computer Science and Digital Arts

Academic Status: Faculty


This is Srikanth Kumar Gampa, and I am currently working as Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Southwestern College, Kansas. I have received the Best paper award and was also selected for the top 8 research works in the public interest for a presentation to Kansas legislators in the Capitol building. Last year, I worked in collaboration on a funded research project in the areas of Clustering and Scheduling Algorithms. I always look for possible collaboration from students, Engineers form Industry, and Peers. Among the many roles, I did work as a Store Assistant(high school times), Assistant Pharmacist, Math & Physics Tutor, Assistant Professor, Assistant Director (Theatre arts), Software Engineer, and as a Research Associate. Apart from my research work in the areas of algorithm design, machine learning, graph algorithms, I enjoy playing Chess, Hiking, and cooking in my free time.


I see SHI program as an opportunity to learn from multiple researchers and leaders. I believe SHI would give me a platform to pursue collaborative research and help me improve my skills to apply and work on NSF funded research in the near future.