SRP 2018: Abdullah Sharmin

The most exciting aspect of working at Berkeley Lab is undoubtedly my daily interactions with the brilliant minds present here. As a PhD student and researcher, the meetings and conversations I’ve had with the amazing and diverse crowd working here have been educational, invaluable, and in many cases, eye-opening. The opportunity to evaluate my research on cutting-edge supercomputing systems such as Cori, with the help of world-class scientists at one of the most prestigious National Labs in the country has quite literally been a dream come true for me and an amazing experience overall.

My time here at Berkeley Lab has vastly enhanced my knowledge of Density Function Theory, Cadmium Telluride material structure and supercomputing techniques, which is adding a new dimension to my PhD research. This experience and knowledge will go a long way towards making my PhD dissertation more significant and well-rounded.

ABDULLAH SHARMIN, PhD Student and Researcher, University of Texas at El Paso. 
Abdullah Sharmin is a PhD student and researcher focusing on structural and electronic properties of materials used for solar energy conversion. In particular, which types of defects in the materials enhance the efficiency of the overall solar cell.