SRP 2021 Faculty

Poster #First NameLast NameInstitutionPoster Title

ArifuzzamanUniversity of New OrleansScalable Algorithmic Methods for Large-scale Dynamic Graphs

2AmneetBhallaSan Diego State University

Consistent Continuum Formulation and Robust Numerical Schemes for Isothermal/Non-isothermal Multiphase Flows with Applications to Metal 3D Printing and Wave Energy Convers
3SerkanCaliskanUniversity of Houston Clear LakeMODELING OF NANOSCALE STRUCTURES and APPLICATIONS
4DarioCarboneUniversity of the Virgin IslandsCalculating the Duty Cycle of accreting sources with simulations

5 Yusui

ChenNew York Institute of Technology

Developing an environment-involved quantum optimizer for quantum machine learning algorithms

6GerardDumancasUniversity of ScrantonUtility of machine learning techniques in improving the function of protein-ligand docking models

7AliakbarHaghighiPrairie View A&M UniversityDose Assignment Decisions to Long Term Treatment Patients: An Up-and-Down and Biased Coin Design Model

8Alexandra (Alek)

LiguoriSan Francisco State UniversityEnhancement and asymptotic persistence of multipartite entanglement in superconducting devices



University of Texas

Molecular dynamics for momentum dependent potentials

Multiscale Models for Gas-Solid Interfacial Systems
10EugeneManangaThe City University of New York

Solid-State NMR Study and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations of Structure and Dynamics of an Iodide-Based Li7P2S8I Super-Ionic Conductor



Claflin UniversityApplication of Neural Networks for Aiding Lung Disorders

12SamahSaeedCity University of New York

Data Driven Quantum Compilation Approaches for Reliable Quantum Computing
13VijayalakshmiSaravananUniversity of South Dakota

An Efficient Optimizing Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Big Data in Energy, Healthcare and Urban Intelligence


University of Texas at El PasoMultiqubit quantum gate operations for efficient quantum circuits and algorithms
15GangXuUniversity of Central OklahomaFluid Dynamics Simulation and Visualization for Flagella-Driven Biomixing and Transport
16XiaokunYangUniversity of Houston Clear LakeSoC Architecture Design and Verification with Chisel HCL and OpenSoC Fabric
17XuechenZhangWashington State University VancouverA High-Performance NVMM-Aware Collective I/O Framework for Parallel Applications