STEAM in Action: Social Modeling through Game Design

Monday, February 27, 2017

4:35 pm – 6:15 pm

Location: Rooms 406/407

What happens when we convene sciences and arts in the same space? How can we strive to apply our wealth of specialized knowledge in creative and new contexts? Join Minsoo Thigpen (RISD/Brown ‘18) + Lukas WinklerPrins (Brown ‘15) for an interactive workshop where we will model social systems through games! As part of the Broader Engagement initiative at SIAM, we’ll be bringing ideas of STEAM (STEM + Arts) to promote the richness at the intersection of different disciplines and modes of thinking.

We all are human beings living and interacting in a complex world – influenced by and influencing many dynamic systems. Together, let’s explore these layers of interdisciplinary exchanges together to derive new ways of thinking and making.

Check out this video describing STEAM.

Presented by:

Minsoo Thigpen

Rhode Island School of Design/Brown University

Lukas WinklerPrins

Brown University