Suzan Anwar

Suzan Anwar

Institution/Organization: Philander Smith College

Department: Computer Science

Academic Status: Faculty


Dr. Anwar is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Philander Smith College. In 2019, she received a Ph.D. in computer and information science from The University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Her research covers different aspects of using Computer Vision methods and Machine Learning techniques with Data Science applications. Dr. Anwar has an impressive publication record along with national and international teaching experience. She mentors students from independent study projects to M.S., groups of students that take her classes, and prospective students. She won the first place UALR Applied Innovation award for developing a system that detects human eye blink using Android devices. She received the Second place UALR Applied Innovation award for developing a system to detect facial emotion and track eye gaze. Her Career interest is to develop data scientist professionals to grow our nation’s business.


Gaining more knowledge by collaborating with the lab technologies, tools, and machines to improve my research area interset and use the learning skills while teaching my related courses.