Wendy Sears

Wendy Sears

Institution/Organization: University of South Florida

Department: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Academic Status: Masters student


I am currently completing a masters in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology with a concentration in Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Florida. My interests are in interdisciplinary research in the areas of nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, medicine, and computer science (computational modeling, simulations and AI for drug discovery and delivery, clinical diagnosis, bioinformatics, medical Image visualization and analysis, tissue/organ engineering and prosthetics).


After completing my MBBS, I felt I wanted to work more in research and engineering. I really enjoyed the work that involved computers, medical devices, and instruments but changing careers, networking, and working while life happens has been difficult. When I heard about this program I felt excited about how it encompassed all my research interests while providing an opportunity to collaborate and learn from experts and meet other students in a diverse environment. Engaging, mentoring, and supporting people from different fields and with different backgrounds to further innovation is an inspiring aim and I am very grateful to participate in this encouraging experience.