Xiaoming Li

Xiaoming Li

Institution/Organization: University of Delaware

Department: Electrical and Computer Enginneering

Academic Status: Faculty


Xiaoming Li is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Delaware. His research interests are code generation and optimization, compilers, and interaction between hardware and software. The main motivation of his research is to extract mathematical structures from computation and convert them into more efficient forms. On this line of idea, he has contributed to some fundamental computation problems including sorting, linear algebra, FFT and Convolutional Neural Networks.In particular, he has developed code generation techniques that combine machine learning and architectural models to automatically deliver higher quality code. His research also includes work in compilers for non-traditional executing engines, such as SAT solvers and virtual machines. Xiaoming Li is a recipient of NSF CAREER Award.


Throughout my career I have dedicated myself to exploring my interests through research and teaching, I have taught multiple courses related to the improvement of program performance through high-performance computing techniques and parallelization, in addition to being involved and directing numerous research papers on the above-mentioned topics. I am convinced that the SRP-HPC workshop aligns perfectly with my interests and those of my student. I am currently working with my student Rafael Herrera on “The implementation of the CODIR dialect using MLIR and LLVM (https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9307180/)” and this program represents an opportunity for learning and developing skills that will surely be very enriching for both of our academic lives.