Guided Affinity Group: Xingjie Li – Advanced Modeling and Algorithms in Multiscale Problems

Institution/Organization: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Research Area/Department/Major (check as many as appropriate):

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computational Materials Science and Engineering
  • Computational Mechanical Engineering
  • Numerical Analysis/Simulations


My research lies in the area of applied and computational mathematics, focusing on the analysis and computation of multiscale and multiphysics problems in materials science, physics and mathematical biology. During my graduate study at the University of Minnesota, Prager Assistantship at Brown University and Tenure-track Assistantship at UNC at Charlotte, I have built interdisciplinary collaborations with mathematicians, physicists and engineers.

Non-Work Related Activities (Hobbies):

I like running, hiking, listening to music, watching sports and reading books. In particular, I like watching soccer games and I am a big fan of FC Barcelona. Also, I like reading very much, especially history books. I hope I will earn a degree related to history in the future.

Guided Affinity Group Activities:

Pre-Session Discussion:  Monday, February 27, 12:00-12:45, Room 406/407

Slides for Pre-Session Discussion: SIAMcse2017_GuideGroup-1

SessionMS62 Advanced Modeling and Algorithms in Multiscale Problems,  Monday, February 27, 4:35 PM – 6:15 PM

Post-Session Discussion: Monday, February 27, 5:35-6:25 pm, Room 406/407