SRP-HPC Workshop Page

The SRP-HPC program is a partnership between Sustainable Horizons Institute and the DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP), an aggressive multi-lab research, development, and deployment project focused on delivery of mission-critical applications, an integrated software stack, and exascale hardware technology advances.  Like the SRP-Berkeley Lab program, SRP-HPC is designed to foster long-lasting collaborations between faculty, students, and DOE laboratory staff scientists.  SRP-HPC blends the benefits of SRP with the Broader Engagement program, providing participants with funding to collaborate over the summer of 2022, onboard at the ECP Annual Meeting in 2022, and present their research at the ECP Annual Meeting in 2023.

This page provides SRP-HPC participants (staff, faculty, and students), with the information needed for a successful virtual workshop.

List of Participants


Faculty Track

Students of Faculty

Student Track


Slack Channels have been set up and you have been invited to appropriate channels:

  • General
  • Networking, sharing opportunities, job announcements, etc.
  • Channels by Topical ECP/Facility areas
  • Staff Communications (staff only)

Please send an email to for any questions or concerns.