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Sustainable Research Pathways 2019:
Linking Faculty and Students from Diverse Communities with
Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences
December 3-4, 2019

Calling all computational scientists and engineers! Located in the vibrant city of Berkeley is the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, a place where cutting edge technology and brilliant minds come together to explore, innovate and discover new science horizons. We can’t imagine a better place to expand your research knowledge and explore new research opportunities.

The Sustainable Research Pathways Program gives you that opportunity. The opportunity to work in conjunction with Berkeley Lab staff, world leaders in computing, computational biological, physical, materials, chemical, and energy sciences research.

How It Works

The SRP Program consists of two major parts: a fast paced one-day matching workshop, and a 10-week summer research experience. This workshop, developed under a partnership between Sustainable Horizons Institute and Berkeley Lab, is designed for faculty from a variety of institutions, including Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), women’s, liberal arts, and community colleges, which support students such as: women, minorities, first generation scholars, and people with disabilities as well as those from under-privileged backgrounds. Through SRP faculty have the opportunity to learn about opportunities for themselves and their students to engage in collaborative, cutting-edge research with Berkeley Lab computing scientists.

Selected faculty will be invited to a workshop on December 3-4, 2019, at Berkeley Lab. Computing Sciences lab staff will discuss their research projects and interests and invited faculty attendees will present their work during a poster blitz and poster session. Matched faculty will be invited to apply for summer research opportunities for faculty/student teams or for students on their own, at Berkeley lab. Additional time at the workshop will be designated for lab staff and faculty discussions to explore potential research collaborations and sponsored programs.

For more information on Berkeley Lab Summer Programs: http://cs.lbl.gov/careers/summer-student-program/

Application Opens: August 22nd, 2019

Application Due: September 20th, 2019


Faculty Benefits

  • Pre-workshop webinar
  • Travel funding for Matching and Exploratory Workshop
  • Meetings with Berkeley Lab staff to discuss possible research collaborations
  • Potential to participate in summer research as:
    • Faculty/student teams
    • Students on their own
    • Preference is given to faculty/student teams


    • Must be a full-time faculty member at an accredited U.S. degree-granting institution of higher education

    Key Dates

    • Applications Open: August 22, 2019
    • Applications Due: ​​ Sept 20, 2019
    • Matching Workshop: Dec 3-4, 2019
    • Research Activities: Summer 2020

    Workshop Details


    Selection Process

    Lab scientists review applications and select faculty participants based on their potential for a research collaboration match.


    Faculty selected to attend the networking workshop will be notified in October and travel arrangements for the workshop must be completed by November 4th.

    Program Assistance

    Faculty who have successfully matched after the workshop will be assisted with application to appropriate summer program

Summer Research

Faculty/Student Teams

Visiting Faculty Program
Other opportunities are available

Student Intern Programs

Berkeley Lab Computing Science  

Computational Research Areas

Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
Chemistry & Materials
Data Science
Environmental Science
Quantum Computing
For details on the participating research groups see:

Jai Huntley, Hampton University

I am an Electrical Engineering major from Hampton University. My advisor, Dr. Sun invited me to form part of her SRP team. This was my first research experience and it is amazing to see how much my confidence has grown in 10 weeks in the quantum computing. I have a better understanding of  quantum computing, quantum controls, and ...
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Dr. Gang Xu, University of Central Oklahoma

“The computational expertise and resources at the Berkeley Lab are uniquely suited for researchers who want to explore or further develop their computational aspect of the project. This experience certainly paved the way for continued collaboration and expanded my research capacity.”
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Abdullah Sharmin, PhD Student University of Texas, El Paso

“The most exciting aspect of working at Berkeley Lab is undoubtedly my daily interactions with the brilliant minds present here. As a PhD student and researcher, the meetings and conversations I’ve had with the amazing and diverse crowd working here have been educational, invaluable, and in many cases, eye-opening. “
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Dr. Rodolfo Aguirre, University of Texas, El Paso

“It is exciting to be working in a diverse environment with a diverse group of scientist of different backgrounds. It is really amazing to work for a laboratory where there have been great discoveries and several Novel prizes.”
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