Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering

An Announcement From our Partners at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is excited to present a new Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering (MSSE) degree program offered by the College of Chemistry in collaboration with the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley. MSSE’s online, 2-year part-time program is an exciting and novel way to address the industry’s increasing demands in a workforce trained in multidisciplinary skills while offering students flexibility. We are now accepting applications for the first cohort of students starting in Fall 2020. 

The MSSE degree is designed for students with degrees in a STEM field who want to get hands-on experience to join the multidisciplinary world of high-performance computing (HPC), molecular science, software engineering, big data analytics, management, and entrepreneurship. The MSSE program will provide practical skills for those who want to design, develop, and implement solutions and strategies to produce technologies that benefit the industry, government, and society. We aim to leverage the combined expertise of our world-class faculty to create a rigorous program of excellence that differs from other online CS or Chemistry programs in the breadth and interdisciplinary it offers.
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