Workforce Development

Workforce Development, Mentoring, Career, Professional, and Leadership Development. 

Sustainable Horizons Institute has a breath of experience in designing, developing, and implementing effective programs to develop leaders, build careers, and foster relationships that sustain our benefactors throughout the lifecycle of their scientific and personal endeavors.  Through the SCxy Broader Engagement program innovative Mentor-Protégé programs have served as the scaffolding to support aspiring scientist such as Robert Dunn.  Dr. Leung also has extensive experience designing programs that have significant impact on the lives of our future scientists, including her work at Miami Dade College, the University of Washington where she founded The Catalyst Committee and when she lead the U.S. Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship program, a prestigious and highly competitive Ph.D. fellowship program.  For this fellowship program, Dr. Leung spear-headed the development of Leadership in Computational Science and Engineering: C3 – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, a workshop designed to advance the careers of DOE CSGF fellows and alumni by providing them with insights, information and tools to become leaders within the computational science community through increased creativity in their research and through enhanced communication and collaboration skills.  The workshop included an interactive session led by Dr. Raquell Holmes of improvscience, a discussion of the referee process by Jeff Lewandowski of IOP Publishing, and two sessions on post-doctoral fellowships and the post-doctoral experience.  Dr. Leung has also been an invited speaker for the National Post Doctoral Association in conjunction with her work on the Re-envisioning the PhD project at the University of Washington.