SIAM CSE17 Mentor Protege Program


The Mentor Protégé program at SIAM CSE17 is designed to match SIAM CSE community members with Broader Engagement participants for meaningful interactions to promote mutual growth and development.

Mentor/Protégé Benefits

  • Protégés will benefit from the opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals, get advice, and explore their questions about academic, career, and professional pathways
  • Mentors will benefit from the opportunity to give back to the community, influence others, and discover and share their own techniques and aspirations

Mentor Protégé Matching Process and Responsibilities

Mentors and Protégés will be matched utilizing demographic and other information about scientific, professional, and personal interests. Mentor-Protégé pair introductions will occur electronically prior to the conference and in-person during the conference.

Mentors and Protégé responsibilities include: participation in an introduction event and at least one one-on-one meeting during the conference. Optional additional activities will be suggested, such as mentors’ agenda review and session recommendations for their protégés to consider, joint attendance, and continued contact after the conference.

The following activities are suggested for Mentor Protégé pairs.

  • CSE17 Mentor Protege LuncheonCSE17 Mentor Protege Luncheon
    Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:05 pm – 1:30 pm Location: Rooms 406/407 Broader Engagement program participants are matched with CSE17 community member volunteers through the Mentor Protege program. ...
  • Pathways to Success WorkshopPathways to Success Workshop
    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 9:10 AM – 10:50 AM Location: Rooms 406/407 This workshop offers participants insights and concrete approaches for navigating pathways to science, technology, engineering, and ...
  • Paving the Road AheadPaving the Road Ahead
    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 1:30 pm – 3:10 pm Location: Rooms 406/407 Complementary to Pathways to Success, Paving the Road Ahead is a workshop that takes the Pathways ...